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From Phase-Zero to the editing phase, we have done it! Weeks of rehearsals, two 10 hour days of filming, 5 crew members and 3 dancers! IMAGE-FADED, is a dance film conceived by merging physically intense, musical choreography, site specific improvisation and the melodic/technical metal music of Bloodshot Dawn. Filmed in the industrial factory, newly turned art space, Kunstkraftwerk (in Leipzig, Germany) we are beyond excited for the end result.

Bloodshot Dawn’s title track "The Image Faded" has given us the impetus for our creation. Movements led by blisteringly fast, beautifully crafted melodic guitar solos are captured from every angle by a RED 1 camera (4K). These incredible compositions are provided by some of the biggest names in modern metal today (Teemu Mäntysaari, Per Nilsson, Andy James, and Christopher Amott along with Bloodshot Dawn guitarist Josh McMorran and guitarist/composer Benjamin Ellis). Their unique and unparalleled musicianship has inspired us to play with the nuances of our own personal dance style. Pushing ourselves to the boundaries of speed, dynamics, precision and technique, we then contrast the choreography with interludes of spatially relevant improvisation. A particular movement quality is achieved within the exploration of the dark atmospheres provided by the building’s stairwells, ladders, caverns and crevices. Image Faded is occurring in what may only be described of as a dream.

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"Living your life in a dream Of the day that never comes A fantasy so clear Only to wake and find it never was" Lyrics by Benjamin Ellis Special thanks to


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