PHASE-ZERO Productions

Established in fall of 2014, Phase-Zero Productions was founded by Canadian choreographer, dancer and composer Morgan Reid and Tine Reid, choreographer, dancer and psychotherapist from Leipzig, Germany. The duo strive to create visually captivating, emotionally touching, conceptual work. Their choreographic style is continuously developing as they emphasize complexity and technicality - dynamic movement research which draws from the thematic.

The productions are all accompanied by a score specifically tailored to them. Whether it be originally composed music by Morgan, or working with a range of composers internationally to find the right balance of progressive and melodic music with soundscapes.
Past artists involved include: David Maxim Micic (Serbia), Aaron Marshall (Canada), Plini (Australia) and Florian Schwalbe and Tobias Leckel (Leipzig, Germany).


Phase Zero Productions is driven to create unique, thoughtful dance pieces, pulling from their musical and psychological background to enhance the depth of experience for our audience members.

About the Company